Watch San Andreas on Netflix

San Andreas on netflixSan Andreas is a disaster film from 2015 describing the worst day in history as their is a big earthquake and the citizens of California is in deep trouble. Now you can watch San Andreas on Netflix.

San Andreas is currently available on Netflix in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, so if you want to watch it on Netlfix, then you will have to chance to one of those regions. That is however not really that easy anymore so you can read some more about changing your Netflix region here, but in general it can not be done anymore, so you could consider watching the film on instead. If you have problems watching Amazon Instant Videos overseas due to lack of American payment card or lack of an American IP address, follow these instructions to start watching anyway.

San Andreas has received very average critics on IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic and other movie sites, but in the end all that matters is whether you like San Andreas or not, so take a look at the film and write your thoughts on it afterwards right here if you have some minutes to spare.

Watch San Andreas on Netflix

Before you start to watch San Andreas on Netflix you might want to know more about the main storyline of the film. Well, it is quite simple. As the Earth cracks open during the earth quake and as result starts to fall apart Ray Gaines (played by Dwayne Johnson) does his uttermost to help people, and most importantly his wife and their only daughter.

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  1. Last week I finally got the chance to stream San Andreas. I did not really know what to expect before I streamed the movie, but I quickly discovered that this is a very typical big disaster movie. I didn’t feel bored while watching it, but it was full of all the typical disaster movie cliches, and it was a very predictable movies.

    In other words, I didn’t regret watching the movie, but you would need to pay me a lot to watch it once again. If I had to watch another disaster movie, I would much rather watch the Norwegian movie Bolgen (The Wave). It is quite similar to this one, but it feels more authentic, and yes – it can also be streamed on Netflix.

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