Maybe offline viewing is coming to Netflix

Lots of people have been waiting for offline viewing to become available for Netflix. For a long time Netflix stated that it would never come, but now they have turned around.

netflix offline

Now however it seems as if Netflix might want to change their policy. Recently they said that due to the big difference in quality of Internet speeds and networks they might be forced actually to introduce offline viewing for viewers in certain nations actually to be able to watch the content on Netflix. That is maybe the biggest reason, but the fact that Amazon Prime members also can download content to watch it offline (the biggest competitor to Netflix) doesn’t make it easier for Netflix either. It is also so that certain content bought from Google Play Store and iTunes Store can be viewed offline, meaning that Netflix might want to change their policy on this subject.

And yes, they are no longer speaking of offline viewing as something that is impossible, but rather as something that is coming to their service in the future. If it will become available in all nations and what it will look like is something we know little about, but time will show!

Offline viewing will for sure be great, because it means that you can bring with you Netflix as you travel abroad and watch already downloaded content which is available in your home nation while abroad, something that can not be done at the moment. It also means that you can watch Orange is the New Black while on the metro, without using your entire 3G/4G data amount.


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