Can I watch Amazon Videos offline?

Watch Prime Videos offlineAre you used to watching Amazon Instant Videos and wonder if it is possible to watch them offline? Recently I answered the same question related to Netflix and there the answer is no. So, how is Amazon when it comes to offline watching?

This is a really interesting question and the answer is partly yes. You read correctly, the answer is partly yes! It is possible to watch Amazon videos offline and download them first, but not all videos. In fact, to be able to watch Amazon Videos offline there are two things required.

  1. You need to have a Prime membership. Click the link to visit and to sign up! If you want to know more about why a Prime membership is worth having, read the following article.
  2. You need to have an Amazon Fire tablet, a Fire phone, an iOS device or an Android phone or tablet. On this you will need to have the Amazon Video application and once you have this you can start downloading Amazon Videos.

Notice that not all videos can be downloaded, but only videos and TV series available to Prime members. In other words a video you buy as an Amazon Instant Video can not be downloaded, but something available to you for free as a Prime member can be downloaded.

You can not download without stop, but there is a limit to how many films and TV series you can download, but if you reach the limit you just delete some of the already downloaded content, and you can download new and other content instead.

This is a simply amazing feature and it really makes Amazon Prime much, much better and imagine that you can now download content to your tablet and when in the car you can enjoy watching it or maybe let your children watch a Prime video, even if you are in the middle of nowhere with no Internet connection available.

If you are located outside the United States but want to enjoy this feature and want to watch and download Amazon Prime videos to your device as well, then you can read more about getting yourself a Prime subscription and watching Amazon Instant Videos and Prime videos from abroad clicking the link.



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