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Jurassic World onlineJurassic World is the latest film in the Jurassic World series and I remember watching it in cinema. I was not a big fan of the previous films and had little to no expectations to this film, but in the end as I left the cinema I realized that I had in fact quite enjoyed the last two hours of my life watching Jurassic World!

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In Jurassic World we follow the brothers who are sent to the amazing island in which living dinosaurs walk around and can be seen. But, due to lack of interest in the park they are always in need for new attractions and that is why they constantly work on breeding new types of dinosaurs, bigger, stronger and more dangerous. That is of course what causes the problems in Jurassic World as a new type has turned into a very smart kind of dinosaur, and he can even fool the systems working on the island. And when this new dinosaur escapes everything goes wrong and we follow the big hero who helps a lady in charge at the island find her two nephews and of course stop the dinosaur from creating a real disaster.

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