Is there an Amazon Global store?

Would you like to shop from but the goods you are looking for are not available? Are you looking for products that can be sent to your location right now? Is there such as thing as a global Amazon store?

Yes there is, and if you want to do some shopping in the Amazon Global store then all you have to do is to press this link. That link will take you to the Amazon Global store on which you will only find products that can be sent to you at your present location.

If you are well known with Amazon you will soon realize that there are quite a lot of products not to be found in the Amazon Global store, but at least you do not have to look around and think about whether it can be sent to you or not, because all the products in the Global Amazon Store can be sent to nations all across the world.

Amazon Global

So, what can you find in the Global Amazon Store?

In the Global Amazon Store you will find products eligible for shipping to nations all across the world, and then I think of nations in which there is no current Amazon store at all. This can be India, China, Russia, Vietnam and of course European nations such as Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and more.

But, what products are eligible for shipping to nations such as these?

  • Books are in general eligible for shipping from to nations all across the world. Find your favorite book right away, order it and get it in the post within shortly.
  • DVDs are also available in general, so visit the Global Store and find the film you are looking for and order it as a DVD or as a Blu-Ray right away.
  • Tools for home improvement and more! In this category you can find light bulbs, flashlights and lots of technical gadgets and all sorts of cool stuff, and lots of tools which can come useful in your home, wherever it may be in the world.
  • Kitchen tools such as scales, food storage sets, bottles, can openers and more!
  • Pet supplies, so that your loved animals will have everything they need!
  • Electronics such as hard drives, pen drives, memory cards, ink cartridges, routers, headsets and quite a lot of other electronic stuff.
  • Clothing such as underwear, jackets, t-shirts, sweaters, trousers and most of the clothes you need to keep you from freezing on a cold winter day.
  • Jewelry, for example necklaces, music boxes, rings and some beautiful earrings. In the jewelry category you can also find quite a lot of watches which will look nice on any man and woman, so check those out when you are first out there visiting the global Amazon store.
  • Shoes, and even though there are much more in the original store there are still quite a lot of nice looking shoes in the Global Amazon store, so check them all out right here.
  • Software and games. Here you can buy yourself a copy of Windows 8, but you do not want it because it stinks, but you can of course buy Windows 7 as well. But, it does not really matter anymore since you get a free upgrade to Windows 10, so buy the cheapest and upgrade to Windows 10 at once! If you want to have an Office package you can of course install OpenOffice for free, but if you want Microsoft then you can buy Microsoft Office also in the Global Amazon store. You can also buy games for Playstation, Wii, Xbox and more, so there are lots of goodies awaiting you if you decide to visit and shop in the global Amazon Store!

Hope you have liked this article, and if you have further questions or maybe some comments, just write. I would love to hear from you!


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