Watch Ronaldo on Netflix

Ronaldo on NetflixIf you are a football fan who want to know more about the most famous footballer in the world together with Lionel Messi, then you should watch Ronaldo on Netflix.

A documentary about Christiano Ronaldo was recently made available on Netflix in Ireland and in the UK and in this documentary you can get to know more about the footballer who lives for the game. But, you can also get to know more about the person without the ball, get to know more about his personality, his life and lots of other things.

If you feel as if this would be something for you to watch, then tune in to Netflix in Ireland or in the UK. You can read more about Netflix region switching in the following article.

If you are preparing for the Euro 2016 and want to know more about Ronaldo and when they will play their matches, where they will play and with how many goals they will beat Hungary, then visit for an updated site with information about Euro 2016 schedule, the venues, how to watch the Euro 2016 online and so much more.

If you find it hard to change your Netflix region then you can also watch Ronaldo on If you are located outside the US follow my instructions at to find out more about how you can watch and enjoy Amazon Instant Videos abroad.


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