Watch Runner Runner on Netflix

Would you like to watch Runner, Runner on Netflix? The film has just been made available and you can of course watch the film on Netflix.
Runner Runner on Netflix
In Runner, Runner you can meet the guy who wants to pay for his tuition fee with money won playing poker. He has still an incredible talent for poker and he is then handpicked for doing some real business and earning a lot of money. In the main roles in the film you will meet Justin Timberlake, Ben Affleck and Emma Arterton.

Justin Timberlake gets into lots of trouble in this film and needs to really use his brain to find a way out of it. Will he make it?

Runner Runner is now available Netflix in Italy, Portugal and in Switzerland. The film is from 2013.

Runner, Runner has not received the best critics all around, so it currently has an 8% score on Rotten Tomatoes, a 5,6/ score on IMDB and a 36% score on Metacritic.

Have you seen the trailer? Does it seem promising? Have you seen the entire film? Did you like it, or do you share the opinion of the people commmenting at Rotten Tomatoes giving this film a score of 8%? Please write and share your thoughts on Runner Runner.

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