Watch the Beauty and the Beast on Netflix

A few days ago I wrote about how you can watch Peter Pan, the original Disney film, on Netflix, and now I will tell you how and where you can watch the Beauty and the Beast on Netflix. Because, you can watch it, but again not in the most popular Netflix regions.

The Beauty and the Beast on Netflix

To watch the Beauty and the Beast from 1991 on Netflix you will need to change your Netflix region to either Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria or Germany. So to watch this film which has a duration of 85 minutes and which origins from 1991, you need to get yourself for example an Austrian IP address, and then next time you visit you will gain access to Austrian Netflix.

You can of course read more about Netflix region changing here in my Netflix news blog.

Are you a fan of the Beauty and the Beast? I find it to be an incredibly nice story and a true classic, so make sure to watch this film together with someone you love and have a wonderful time together in front of the TV screen or the monitor.

Would you like to watch Beauty and the Beast from 2017 on Netflix?

Disney created a brand new Beauty and the Beast movie in 2017 featuring Emma Watson as our beautiful girl captured by the beast. This movie is now available on Netflix as well. You can read more about how and where to stream this version of Beauty and the Best on Netflix in this article.

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