Fuller House coming to Netflix

Do you remember the TV series named Full House which was produced in the 1980s? Now it is about to return with almost the same characters, only much later, and the title of this new TV series will be Fuller House.

Fuller House will not be entirely like Full House, because this TV series will be produced for Netflix, meaning that if you want to watch Fuller House online, then you will need to have a Netflix subscription to be able to watch it. Are you interested in watching Fuller House as it will come to Netflix? Why not take a look at its trailer first?


Mostly all characters will return to Full House with a few exceptions, and those are some of the ones we for sure will be missing a lot, and that is Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen who will not appear in this new series.

Fuller House on NetflixAre you getting high expectations for this already? The Fuller House will have its premiere on Netflix on February 26th, so it is only one month to go and you can watch the first thirteen episodes online on that very day. It will probably be released online in all Netflix regions, so no need to switch or change your Netflix region for this to work.

And once you have seen Fuller House, please write a comment and share your thoughts and feelings about this new version of Full House from the 1980s?

Have fun watching!

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