Watch Jurassic World on Netflix

Jurassic World was a very nice movie in the Jurassic Park series. It was the only Jurassic Park movie I ever watched in the cinema, and now you can watch Jurassic World on Netflix as well.

It did take a while for Jurassic World to arrive on Netflix. It has been on HBO Now already (and disappeared from there as well since then), but the first Netflix region to lay their hands on Jurassic World is Dutch Netflix. You will in other words need to get access to Dutch Netflix if you want to watch Jurassic World online.

Jurassic World on Netflix

What makes Jurassic World worth watching?

It is as always very entertaining to watch the Jurassic Park movies, especially if you like dinosaurs. I am not a big fan of dinosaurs in general, but to watch them in Jurassic World is quite a nice experience. it is of course packed with action, stupid decisions made by irresponsible people, a nice love story and so much more. If you think this mixture sounds like a winning combination, then you should go ahead and watch Jurassic World on Netflix right away.

With Christmas approaching this might be a nice touch and a nice thing to do. If you want to get suggestions for other movies and content to watch on Netflix instead, check my list presenting the best Christmas movies on US Netflix in 2016.

How did you like Jurassic World?

Have you seen Jurassic World on Netflix or somewhere else? How did you like it? Please write a comment to share your thoughts on the movie. I would love to hear whether you liked it or not!


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