Fuller House season 2 is here!

Fuller House season 2 on NetflixI looked very much forward to the arrival of Fuller House in the start of 2016. Now the second season has arrived and I am not gonna watch it!

I was a big fan of the original Full House TV series. It was cool and had lots of great jokes to it. I hoped the “Fuller House” would keep up in the same spirit, and I guess it does, but after one episode I decided that this I am not going to make the Full House even fuller. So, then is when I waved goodbye to Fuller House. But, I might be the only one. Since Netflix decided to produce Fuller House season 2 as well, it must mean that the modernized version has got lots of viewers as well, and thus they decided to produce even more episodes in order to make their fans happy!

That is why you might be happy to hear as well that Fuller House season 2 can now be watched on Netflix in all regions, all across the globe. Visit Netflix.com and watch it right away. And since it is a Netflix production you can also download it to your Netflix application and watch it offline. That means you can bring it with you this Christmas holiday and watch it in the forest, at the plane or at your hotel room, with or without a working Wi-Fi connection.

What would I watch instead?

If I were to download something from Netflix to watch it offline it would not be Fuller House season 2. Now I would not download Designated Survivor to watch it, because I have already watched all episodes. But, if you haven’t watched Designated Survivor yet, then it is a TV series I can warmly recommend to everyone who likes Kiefer Sutherland and TV series with some action, drama and a little percentage of 24 to it. I do not actually understand Designated Survivor entirely, because on Netflix you can watch it as a Netflix original, but at the same time it is broadcasted at ABC and you can also watch it on Hulu. So, why this is presented as a Netflix original series I do not know, but that Designated Survivor is brilliant, that is for sure!


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