Watch Danny Collins on Netflix?

Danny Collins on NetflixDanny Collins is a film with Al Pacino playing the character of Danny Collins. He is the guy who has an average life with much trouble, but after 40 years he suddenly receives a letter sent to him by John Lennon 40 years earlier. The letter makes him change his life and in the film we follow him through the changes.

One of the major changes taking place is that Danny Collins decides to move to New Jersey and at the same time he leaves much of his life behind at home. The story itself is based on a true story about Steve Tilston, a folk singer in England, who after 34 years discovered a letter sent to him by John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

If you want to watch Danny Collins then you can watch the film easily on Netflix. The film can be seen in the Canadian Netflix region, so just tune in to Canadian Netflix and you will be ready to watch Danny Collins online at once.

If you do not have a Canadian Netflix subscription or simply wonder how to switch between different Netflix regions, then you can read more about this at the front page here at

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