Best children films on Netflix

Netflix has understood the importance of reaching the children and for children to love Netflix already fro young age. In that way they will for sure keep on using the services on their older days. That is why Netflix is packed with children films, and here I will mentioned some of the best children films on Netflix in these days.

Notice that these films are available in the mentioned regions at the time of writing. It might be that they will no longer be available in those regions by the time you read this, but hopefully they will be. If you want to learn more about switching between different Netflix regions which is needed to be able to watch all these films, then I suggest that you read the following article on switching Netflix regions easily!

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Best children films on Netflix


Restaurants love to receive good critics and stars both on paper and online. In this film we meet a very critical writer who always find some bad thing to write about all restaurants he visits and all the food he is served. At the same time we meet a fantastic little mouse with a special talent, he knows very much about cooking and is able to prepare the most fantastic courses. But, who would allow a mouse to work in the kitchen? Won’t that cause a lot of trouble?

You can watch Ratatouille on Netflix in Ireland.

Ratatouille on Netflix


If follow up movies is made, it says something about the original. In most cases it means that the original was fantastic and so they wanted to earn more money, and thus they made some really lousy follow up films. That is true about Aladdin, a Disney original film! The first film which can be seen on Netflix in Ireland is brilliant, and here we meat Aladdin, a guy who is lucky enough to find a magic lamp in which Genie can be found, a guy who will make three of his wishes come true.

This is one of my favorite children films and if you have not seen it yet, or maybe your children have not seen it yet, then this is brilliant. It can be seen on Netflix in Ireland.

Aladdin on Netflix

Kung Fu Panda (New Zealand)

Your value is not always in your looks, because if you find the treasure on your inside, then you can do far more than you would ever imagine. That is the truth about the super Panda in Kung Fu Panda. He is a panda with a big stomach and who loves eating. But, out of pure luck, or maybe destiny, he is somehow selected to become a Kung Fu warrior, something that looks impossible seen from the outside.

Kung Fu Panda is full of good humor, fights, a scary enemy, and a film that older children will enjoy a lot!

Kung Fu Panda can be seen on Netflix in New Zealand.

Kung Fu Panda on Netflix

Cars (Ireland)

Lightning McQueen is the super car who has the biggest ego ever. He thinks he can achieve great success all by himself, and this lousy mentality is what causes him problems over and over again. On his way to the great final in the Piston Cup he is unloaded from the truck (by a coincident) and after lots of «action» he ends up in prison in a small town in the middle of nowhere named Radiator Springs. He is sentenced to hard work, and once finished he will be able to leave town. This is a tough judgment on him, but throughout the week working his entire mentality changes.

A beautiful film for children and for children who like cars!

Cars can be watched on Netflix in Ireland.

Cars on Netflix

Big Hero 6

This is a super hero film made by Disney in 2014 and here we will meet the young guy and programmer Hiro. He creates some micro bots which can be used for evil in the hands of the wrong persons, and that is exactly what happens in Big Hero 6. But, luckily Hiro is ready to fight and together with his Big Hero they put up a fight against the evil guys in Big Hero 6.

This is a very new film so it can not be seen on all Netflix regions, but you can at the moment see Big Hero 6 at Netflix in Netherlands.

Big Hero 6 on Netflix


Since its release this has turned into a super popular film and you can now see Frozen accessories in shows all across the globe. In the film we get a traditional story about royalty, about a fight for the throne, about true loves kiss and about lot of ice. This is a story which is worth watching and is perfect for children together with their parents and a big amount of popcorn. The film was made in 2013, but is still very popular and has reached heights of popularity such as for example The Lion King.

You can watch Frozen in lots of Netflix regions, for example on Netflix in Canada and Netflix in the Netherlands.

Frozen on Netflix

These were some of the best children movies available at Netflix at the moment. I hope you found this article useful and that you have gotten some ideas on what to watch on Netflix tonight.

For more information on swapping between Netflix regions just read the linked article. If you have further advises on other children films on Netflix worth watching, please write a comment. I look forward to hearing from you!

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