Best Comedies on Netflix

There is nothing like a good laughter and a good laughter is supposed to make our lives longer. So, why not take some hours to watch a good comedy on Netflix tonight? Here are some advices for funny films that you can watch on Netflix right now!

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Best comedies on Netflix

Confessions of a Shopaholic (Canada)

This might not be one of those super famous films, but if you are into popular Hollywood films, then you have probably seen this already. In the film w e meet Isla Fisher who is a girl who can simply not pass by a shopping window without shopping. But, how can you shop when no money is left? You use a credit card and draw it into minus. But, what happens when they send someone to get you and the money you owe them?

Confessions of a Shopaholic is not only funny, but it is of course a romantic film as well, because when the girl with the scarf gets a new job as a writer, her boss played by Hugh Dancy, has a very good eye to her.

On Netflix: Confessions of a Shopaholic can be seen on Canadian Netflix.

Confessions of a Shopaholic on Netflix

Just go with it (Canada – New Zealand)

If the Confessions of a Shopaholic is funny, then this is much funnier. This is of course my personal oppinion, but in this film we meet Adam Sandler who is out there getting hot girls all the time. He tells them a big lie about himself being married, but abused in the marriage and more, and thus all girls come to comfort him etc.

But, now he has met a girl that he really likes, but as she finds his fake wedding ring he needs to come up with a story, and he tells her that he is about to get a divorce. To check the validity of the story the girl wants to meet the wife, and that is when the action really starts. One lie leads to another lie, but the guy played by Adam Sandler is really surprised as he sees what a beautiful lady the woman acting to be his wife really is (played by Jennifer Aniston). Do not miss out on this one if you like a good and romantic comedy!

On Netflix: Just go with it can be seen on Neflix in Canada and in New Zealand

Just go with it on Netflix

What Happens in Vegas (New Zealand – Netherlands)

Two persons with bad luck in their personal lives decides to go to Las Vegas. One was just fired from his job by his dad, while the other person was dumped on her birthday. Now they meet in Las Vegas and they end up in bed together after a long night they can barely remember. There is just one problem, they got married sometime during the night! Neither of them wants to remain married, but in the last moment they win the jackpot in a casino in Las Vegas and win the top prize. But, how are they going to share the money?

The couple end up in court and in the court they judge them to 6 months of living together, working hard on their marriage.

Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz are playing the main characters in What Happens in Vegas and this is a great film if you want a romantic comedy.

On Netflix: This film can be seen on Netflix in New Zealand and in the Netherlands

What Happens in Vegas on Netflix

The Cobbler (US)

The Cobbler is the newest film on this list and it came to cinemas by the end of 2014. Again this is an Adam Sandler film and in it he plays a shoemaker who repairs shoes for a living.

One day something very special happens to him at work. His shoemaking machine does not work, and therefore he needs to dig forth an old machine in the basement. But, that is not just any machine, because when he uses it on someones shoes, it suddenly makes him able to perform some real magic. He can of course abuse this, but what if he would use this ability for good?

The Cobbler is funny and a bit romantic, but first of all funny.

On Netflix: The Cobbler can be seen on US Netflix.

The Cobbler on Netflix

The Grand Hotel Budapest (Canada)

The Grand Hotel Budapest may seem like a serious film, but it is a brilliant comedy, one of the best ever, and in it you can see Ralph Fiennes in one of his best roles ever.

At the Grand Hotel Budapest things are kind of different and Gustave H (Ralph Fiennes) is not the most traditional in the way he takes care of his guests. He also gets a special friend, his lobby buy Zero Moustafa. As a thank you for his great services towards his guests Gustave is supposed to inherit a famous painting, but the family of the lady are not happy about Gustave getting this painting instead of them.

The film has a fantastic story, great actors, and is the most important film to watch on this list to watch of comedies on Netflix, if you have to pick one of them.

On Netflix: The Grand Hotel Budapest can be seen on Canadian Netflix.

The Grand Hotel Budapest on Netflix

These are the best comedies on Netflix at the moment, but do not hesitate to write a comment if you have further suggestions, because since the world of Netflix always change I will for sure write new articles on the best comedies on Netflix in not so long, and maybe then I will feature your favorite as well, at least if I personally like it!

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