Watch The Blacklist on Netflix!

We have good news to people who have seen The Blacklist season 1 already, and if you have not yet seen it, but you are looking for a very good TV show with James Spader as the main actor, then this is it.

The Blacklist

I have personally watched some The Blacklist episodes earlier in the year, and I truly liked them. They can at times be a bit brutal, not not at all bad compared to other TV series and shows available out date, so if you want some action, then take a look at The Blacklist, you will for sure enjoy it. And what is great with Netflix is that you can watch the entire season at once, so you do not have to wait for one week to pass before a new episode is added. Now you have the entire Blacklist season one available on US Netflix, so make sure to enjoy this one, because it is great.

The basic of the storyline is that the famous criminal Raymond Reddington turns himself in to the FBI. He then claims that he wants to help them find other criminals (as he has tons of inside information), but only if they allow him to work together with the rookie investigator Elizabeth Keen.

Ready to watch? Go ahead and do it now! If you do not have a Netflix account yet, or if you are located outside the US, find out how to watch US Netflix from outside the United States in the following article.


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