Can I watch Thomas and Friends on Netflix?

If you have kids in your home, then they will love Netflix. But, if you are currently considering whether to sign up or not, and one of the things that matter is whether you can watch Thomas and Friends on Netflix or not, then here comes your answer.

I just checked both the UK and the US Netflix, and there are quite a lot of Thomas and Friends film available currently. It is though important to know that from time to time films are added and films are removed from Netflix, so I can not guarantee that all these films will be there if you want to watch them in six months from now, but I am very sure that if these are removed, others will be added, so the answer to the question if there are Thomas and Friends films on Netflix, is yes!

Thomas and Friends films on UK Netflix

Thomas and Friends on Netflix
Thomas films on UK Netflix

As you can see the following films are at UK Netflix currently:

  • Thomas and friends
  • Thomas: The Great Discovery
  • Thomas: Calling All Engines
  • Thomas and the Magic Railroad

Thomas and Friends films on US Netflix

Thomas on US Netflix
These Thomas & Friends films are currently on US Netflix

Here you can see the Thomas & Friends films currently on US Netflix:

  • Thomas: Blue Mountain Mystery
  • Thomas: Fun on the Rails
  • Thomas: Calling all Engines
  • Thomas: Day of the Diesels
  • Thomas: Engine friends
  • Thomas: Sticky situations
  • Thomas: Up, Up and Away
  • Thomas: Hero of the Rails
  • Thomas: Schoolhouse delivery
  • Thomas: Christmas
  • Thomas: Creaky Cranky

Hope you will enjoy these films, and if you want to watch Thomas & Friends on Netflix, but live in a nation in which Netflix is unavailable, or maybe Netflix does not have Thomas & Friends films where you live, then you can use a VPN to get an IP address in the UK or in the USA, and thus you can watch Thomas and Friends on Netflix from wherever you are in the world.