Homeland season 3 on Netflix

HomelandHomeland is one of the most popular series seen in the world today, and just recently the fourth season had its premiere on US TV. On the same day as the premiere of the new season, the previous season (season 3) was made available to Netflix users in the United Kingdom.

If you are new to Homeland it can be useful to know that the first three Homeland seasons are available on UK Netflix, so if you get yourself a UK IP address and a UK subscription to Netflix, you can easily watch all the first three seasons legally and easily online. If you have an American or some other Netflix subscription you can just use a VPN to get a UK IP address, and once you have that you can visit Netflix.com again with your current subscription, and then you can watch Homeland seasons on UK Netflix, even if your original Netflix subscription is in another nations.

If you try to watch Netflix in the US, then you will quickly find out that Homeland is unavailable in the USA, so as mentioned, you can only watch it on Netflix in the United Kingdom by now.

What is Homeland?

Homeland is a political thriller which deals with present day subjects such as terror, western citizens and the danger of them turning and joining terror cells elsewhere in the world and so on. It is praised a lot, and one guy known to be a big fan of Homeland is President Barack Obama himself. Do you want to watch it? Find out how to watch Netflix from all across the world here.

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