Veggietales coming to Netflix

Quite some years back in time Veggietales was made available on Netflix, but at the moment you can unfortunately not watch them online anymore. However, in one month from now a brand new Veggietales production named Veggietales In The House will come to Netflix, presented as a Netflix Original production.

Veggietales on Netflix

This new production will be produced by Dreamworks (together with BigIdea) and since we have not seen any of the episodes yet, we can not guarantee anything, but it will probably keep up the faith spreading messages from the Bible as you get to know the famous charactery such as Larry the Cucumber, Bob the Tomato, Junior Asparagus, Madame Blueberry and several other veggie characters.

We are looking very much forward to checking out Veggietales in the House as it will be released on November 26th in 2014. Are you exited about it? We will get back with more information about Veggietales on Netflix as soon as we get more information. If you are in a country where Netflix is unavailable, or maybe you are in a country in which Veggietales can not be found (though I believe it will be made available in all nations at once, since this is a Netflix production, meaning that it will be made available to all Netflix subscribers worldwide at the same time), you can read more about watching Netflix online here on our Netflix from abroad site!

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