Watch Banking on Bitcoin on Netflix

Bitcoin is on the move in and in the wind, but what do you know about the most famous cryptocurrency? How did it come to pass? What makes it worth thousands of dollars? Get to know the number one cryptocurrency as you watch Banking on Bitcoin on Netflix.

I am a big cryptocurrency enthusiast, and I truly believe in the technology behind it, the blockchain technology. I might not be the biggest fan of Bitcoin in itself, as I often find it slow and expensive, but still, Bitcoin is a very important currency and one that is here to stay. But, to most people, the world Bitcoin means nothing but a big question mark. They have heard about it, they have read skeptical articles about it, they have heard about fanatics investing their money in it… but that is all there is to it. Why not take an hour to watch Banking on Bitcoin on Netflix, and find out more about what Bitcoin is all about?

Banking on Bitcoin on Netflix

As you watch Banking on Bitcoin, you will learn more about the origin of Bitcoin. Who made it? Why was it made? How did it survive? What made it increase in value from less than a Dollar to several thousand Dollars? Who are the most important people in the Bitcoin community?

These and lots of other questions will be answered as you sit down to watch Banking on Bitcoin on Netflix. I have streamed it myself, and I might do it again. As I first streamed it, I was very new to the entire cryptocurrency world, making everything news and new to me, but after following the crypto world for a while, I might find it interesting to see the entire movie again, just to see what I missed out on or didn’t understand as I first streamed the movie on Netflix.

bitcoin on netflix

How did you like Banking on Bitcoin?

Have you seen Banking on Bitcoin on Netflix? Did you enjoy it? Did the movie make you bearish about Bitcoin or bullish? What am I speaking about, bearish or bullish? Those are two frequently used expressions in the crypto world. Bearish is when you see a negative trend in the marked and values go down, while values go up in a bullish market. So, if you watch the movie and say… wow, I want to invest, it will have a bullish effect on you. If you feel negative and skeptical after streaming Banking on Bitcoin, then it has had a bearish effect on you. So, how did you like the movie? Do you feel bearish or bullish?

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