Watch Juventus on Netflix

If you are a soccer fan, and a fan of Italian football, then there is a big chance that Juventus is your favorite team. Would you like to know more about the team for Turin (Torino)?

A brand new documentary consisting of 3 parts has now been made available on Netflix. Each episode lasts for about 40 minutes, and in each episode, you will get a glimpse of what life is like as a Juventus player, behind the scenes. This is a brilliant opportunity to find out more about your favorite players, to discover what life as a professional footballer is like, and also to meet the families of some of the players.

Juventus on Netflix

I believe the Juventus documentary to be available in most Netflix regions, so hopefully, you will not have to change your Netflix region in order to stream this great documentary.

It is produced for Netflix by an Italian company, meaning that you should stream it with subtitles, at least if you do not understand Italian (I don’t).

Juventus Netflix

Juventus, as a club, had some tough seasons a few years back, as the club had to drop a few divisions due to financial theft, but they quickly returned to the throne, and now they are the best Italian football club again. At the moment they are placed second in Serie A in Italy, one point behind Napoli in the lead, but 15 points ahead of AS Roma in third place. Will Juventus win again, or can SC Napoli stop them?

Find out more about the club as you stream the Juventus documentary on Netflix.

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