Japan is the biggest Netflix region

We all know that American Netflix is the biggest and most famous Netflix region. But, things are changing, and right now, the biggest Netflix region in the world is Japanese Netflix.

Based on a check on the number of titles available at Netflix, Japanese Netflix passed by American Netflix in January 2018, and Japanese Netflix now has a larger amount of titles available than American Netflix. That might not really matter much to most of us, but it is still interesting to notice and know about it. At American Netflix you still have a DVD library making it larger than Japanese Netflix, but if you simply look at the amount of content available to subscribers, Japanese Netflix is now the number one region.

japan vs usa

Why don’t I care about this?

I do not really care about this, and the reason is simple. I am interested in the typical American/Hollywood content, and you will find way more of this content on American Netflix. At Japanese Netflix you will find lots of local content, that is anime series and Japanese content, which I have fairly little interest in.

But, what can you do if you want to get access to Japanese Netflix while abroad? I once knew a method that could help you with that, but it doesn’t work anymore. If you know a way to get access to Japanese Netflix, please write a comment and let me know about it.

Are you looking for a way to access American Netflix abroad? That is way easier, and it can be fixed in a few minutes from now. Check my instructions on how to stream Netflix abroad, and you will find out how to stream American, Canadian, German, English, Dutch and some more Netflix regions from abroad in a few minutes from now.

Want to know more about Japanese vs. American Netflix?

Would you like to know the source of the article you have just read? You can visit this site to read the article, and to check the stats used to prove the fact that Japanese Netflix has more titles than American Netflix at the moment.


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