Watch Angry Birds Toons on Netflix

The Angry Birds are some crazy birds that started out in a small office in Finland, but suddenly became a fantastic big hit and since then they have teddies you can buy in stores, they have lots of commercial products, lots of games available for Android and iOS systems and they also have their own cartoon TV series. And yes, you can now watch Angry Birds on Netflix.

Just recently Angry Birds Toons, season 1, was made available on Netflix in New Zealand, meaning that you can watch all your favorite birds as they do their tricks and make you laugh. If you want to watch the Angry Birds on Netflix, but do not know how you can watch New Zealand Netflix in the United States, or so on, just read the following article on how to switch Netflix regions easily!

Angry Birds on Netflix
Can I watch Angry Birds on Netflix? The answer is yes!

I have not really watched the episodes myself yet, but it seems to be quite a lot of fun, especially if you have children who really like and enjoy the Angry Birds characters either from the games or for some other reason!

And, you should also rejoice in the fact that you have a Netflix subscription, because other streaming services like Amazon Prime, HBO Now and Hulu are still waiting for the Angry Birds to arrive, so just be happy and know that your Netflix subscription is good invested money.

Have you seen the Angry Birds on Netflix? Do you like the TV series? Why not write a comment to share your thoughts!

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