She’s Funny That Way on Netflix

A few days ago I had the chance to watch She’s Funny That Way on my television, so I grabbed the chance and started to watch it. But do you know what? I never got to the end, because after thirty minutes I had to do something else, and since I had not really being caught by the story, I never finished watching it. But, since the film has just been added to Netflix I might actually finish it later!

She’s Funny That Way is a film that should be a great one, after all it is full of stars like Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson, Imogen Poots, Rhys Ifans and Kathryn Hahn. But, a film does not become good simply because stars are in it, and I was not very impressed with She’s Funny That Way.

Maybe you disagree with me, or maybe you just really want to see the film on Netflix, and if that is you, then you can watch She’s Funny That Way on Netflix in England and in Ireland at the moment. If you are located in some other Netflix region then you can easily jump to the England or Ireland region by following the instructions in the linked article.

You can also watch the film on Amazon Video and there you can either rent it or buy the film and watch it online right away. Read more about the film and how to watch it online on in this article that I wrote a few weeks ago.

So, maybe you have seen the film and I would love to hear from you whether you will recommend me to finish the film or if I should just skip it and watch something else instead. So, please write a comment and share your thoughts. And do not forget to bookmark this page to receive updates on what’s new on Netflix and other interesting articles!

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