While waiting for the Winter Olympics

while waiting for the Winter OlympicsThe Winter Olympics will be arranged in South Korea between February 9th and February 25th. Most people of the world doesn’t really care about this event, but in the United States, Canada and in large parts of Europe, this is a giant event. Are you looking forward to it?

What does the Winter Olympics have to do with Netflix? Nothing at all. But, if you look forward to the Winter Olympics, you might be tense and very eager for the event to start. And, that can be frustrating and boring, considering that the event is still 30 days away. So, how can Netflix help you make time fly as you wait for the Winter Olympics to begin?

One of the best ways to make time fly is by watching great content on Netflix. Unfortunately Netflix did not win many prices during the Golden Globe earlier this month, so if you want to watch some Golden Globe awarded series, head over to Hulu in order to stream A Handmaid’s Tale, to HBO Now to stream Big, Secret, Lies or to Amazon Prime to watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

But, there are lots of goodies on Netflix as well, and here are some of my recommendations!

Make time fly with Netflix

If you want to make time really fly with Netflix, the best way is to start a new TV series that you haven’t seen before. And if you pick a series consisting of lots of seasons, you will reach February 9th before you even finish the TV series. Some of my personal favorites are Suits (which consist of seven seasons) and Parenthood (six seasons).

If you want some more crime related, then the BBC series Sherlock is fantastic, while Scorpion is more of a funny CBS series about a group of nerds solving crime related issues.

You can watch these and other TV series on US Netflix, but if you want to watch the latest season of Suits, you will have to get access to UK Netflix. That is easily fixed, and you can read more about it by pressing the Suits link above.

Where are you gonna stream the Winter Olympics?

But, where are you gonna stream the Winter Olympics? That is a tough question, and the answer all depends on where you reside at the moment. For a more detailed article on how and where to stream the Winter Olympics online, I recommend the following article in the IP Address Guide.

What about streaming a movie on Netflix?

There are thousands of great movies on Netflix, but if you want to watch some great movies with several parts, then the Star Wars series is brilliant. And yes, there is a Star Wars Netflix region above all other regions where you can stream all the available Star Wars movies.

If Star Wars is too much for you, then the Thor movies might be a better treat. Those are my favorite superhero action movies, way better than Iron Man, Hulk and the rest of those.

Enjoy the waiting time!

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