Watch all Parenthood seasons on Netflix

I have heard that Parenthood is a fantastic TV series, but wonder if I can watch it on Netflix. The answer is yes, all six seasons of Parenthood can be streamed on Netflix.

I must admit that I have never seen Parenthood yet, but I am a big fan of the current NBC series named This Is Us. Some of my friends told me that there are lots of similarities between Parenthood and This Is Us, meaning that if you like Parenthood, you will probably like This Is Us, and if you like This Is Us, then you will probably enjoy Parenthood as well.

Watch Parenthood on Netflix yeah
Read on to find out how and where to watch Parenthood on Netflix

For that simple reason, I decided to look around to find out if it is possible to stream Parenthood on Netflix. I checked quite a lot of regions, only to discover the one and only region in which you can stream all six seasons of Parenthood. Wonder which Netflix region it is?

Watch Parenthood on Netflix

If you want to stream Parenthood on Netflix, all six seasons, then you better be located in the United States, or you need to follow my instructions telling how it is possible to access US Netflix from abroad. You can also watch the following YouTube video for instructions.

It is very easy, and if you follow those instructions you can find yourself streaming Parenthood on Netflix in a few minutes from now. But, you will not be finished streaming Parenthood quickly, because there are a total of six seasons to stream, and an average Parenthood episode lasts for 43 minutes.

  • Parenthood season 1 consists of 13 episodes
  • Parenthood season 2 consists of 22 episodes
  • Parenthood season 3 consists of 18 episodes
  • Parenthood season 4 consists of 15 episodes
  • Parenthood season 5 consists of 22 episodes
  • Parenthood season 6 consists of 13 episodes

If you do the math quickly, you will then discover that there are a total of 103 episodes. Since the average episode lasts for 43 minutes, than means that before you have streamed all six seasons of Parenthood on Netflix, you will have to spend 4429 minutes watching. If you want this as a bit more understandable number, then you will need to spend almost 74 hours watching all six episodes, and to make that even more understandable, then you will need to spend five and a half 12 hour day to watch all episodes of Parenthood on Netflix.

You should probably not watch it all at once, so maybe an episode a day or something like that would be more suitable and more enjoyable. But, there is something amazing about discovering a fantastic TV series like Parenthood, especially since it is already finished and no more episodes are coming. You will never have to wait for new episodes, but the meal is served and you can start watching all episodes of Parenthood on Netflix already. Are you ready?

  • If you want to watch This Is Us instead of Parenthood, then the best place to do so is on Hulu!

Parenthood on Netflix

Parenthood has won several awards throughout its life, and it still has a strong 8,1/10 score on iMDB. On Rottem Tomatoes Parenthood has an even more fantastic 94% audience score, meaning that the general viewer simply falls in love with this NBC series. Have you watched Parenthood? How did you like it?

Have you got questions related to watching Parenthood on Netflix? Or would you like to share your thoughts about the TV series? Please write a comment beneath and let me know whatever might be on your heart.

2 thoughts on “Watch all Parenthood seasons on Netflix”

  1. Thanks for this article with all this information about Parenthood. How are you doing, have you started watching Parenthood on Netflix yet? I have started. In the start I did not like it as much as This is Us, but after streaming a season I actually like Parenthood a lot. Thanks again for the instructions and for helping me to watch Parenthood on Netflix.

    1. I am soon finished with season 2 by now! I like the TV series (that is the reason I have watched so much of it on Netflix already), but I must admit that there are TV series I like much more… But, Parenthood is nice for families and family friendly, and thus it is very good for certain programs and times!

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