Relax and watch Mr. Bean

I just did a search on Netflix for Mr. Bean, but I couldn’t find anything. Luckily, you can find most Mr. Bean content on YouTube, so no need to worry!

Today is a very red day in the world of cryptocurrencies. A red day is an expression for a day in which everything goes down, and most people end up with values worth 25% less than before. But, that is what life is like in the crypto world, and in a couple of days the end result will probably be valued higher than before, so nothing to worry about at all.

And, that is when this Mr. Bean movie came to my mind. While everyone sits on the roller coaster screaming, he just sits around calm and tells the others to keep quiet. Why all the screaming?

Today you will see hundreds of thousands of people screaming about their losses in the crypto-world, but decide to be like Mr. Bean, and not like the rest of the people. Hopefully, you haven’t invested money you can’t afford to lose, and for that reason, relax, and just wait for things to turn green and to get better.

Enjoy the day, watch Mr. Bean on YouTube, or go watch some magnificent content on Netflix instead! I will not let the red values destroy my day, instead, I will let Mr. bean and other great stuff make it a brilliant day!

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