Three reasons to watch Breaking Bad

Breaking BadBreaking Bad is considered one of the most popular and watched TV series of all time and in this article we will list some reasons why it is a worth watching series. Breaking Bad is an American crime drama series by Vincent Gilligen.

The story of the series is about a chemistry teacher, Walter White who is diagnosed with lung cancer and to provide the money for his treatment he starts producing and selling methamphetamine with his former student Jesse Pinkman. The series has great story line with interesting and times terrifying characters. The story of Breaking Bad shows the moral struggles and the fights the main characters go through in the 5 seasons and how their personalities change with every little choice they made. In the first episode Walter White is just a usual chemistry teacher living a normal life with his wife and son until the point he finds out about his illness which is a turning point in his life and turns everything inside out, from his personality through his family and relationships to every part of his life. As the story goes further and further the character of Walter White gets more and more morally questionable and unsympathetic. The transformation of Walter gives mixed feelings for the audience as he started off as a normal and pathetic character which turns into questionably evil in the end of the series. The Breaking Bad is a great series to watch which received multiple awards including Golden Globe and Emmy Awards.

Now you can watch the first five seasons of Breaking Bad on Netflix in the United States and also on Netflix in other nations. Enjoy this chance to watch this brilliant show. If you do not have a Netflix subscription yet, find out how to watch Netflix from abroad in this article and register for Netflix.

You can also watch this on Amazon Instant Video, but that means you need to pay for every single episode, so you will do much better just signing up for Netflix to watch it there instead.

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