Oz the Great and Powerful on Netflix UK

Oz on UK NetflixOz the Great and Powerful is an American fantasy adventure film directed by Sam Raimi and it was released in the beginning of 2013. Now you can watch the film on UK Netflix!

The main characters are played in the movie by James Franco who is Oz/Oscar Diggs, Mila Kunis who plays Theodora, Rachel Weisz who is Evanora and Michelle Williams who is Glinda. The short story of the Oz the Great and Powerful is about a small time, morally lacking magician who not only transforms into a better man but also the great wizard of the Land of Oz. So Oscar Diggs is a small time magician in a traveling circus in Kansas until he finds himself in the vibrant and magical Land of Oz where he thinks he just hit the jackpot until he meets the three witches of the land. The three witches Oscar meets are Theodora, Evanora and Glinda who are not really convinced that Oscar Diggs would be the great wizard that they and everybody were expecting for so long. The real adventure of Oscar starts after that and he has to face some seriously challenging problems and the inhabitants of the Land of Oz and he also has to figure it out who is good and who is evil until it is too late. Through the series of events he transforms into a better man and the great wizard as well.

Although Oz the Great and Powerful got mixed previews about the storyline but the visual effects and the quality of the movie absolutely make up for it.

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