Silver Linings on US Netflix

Silver Linings on NetflixSilver Linings was a very popular film some years back in time, and it received lots of positive reviews. Personally I remember watching the film in cinemas, and even though my friends really liked the film, I did not think of the film and something to remember and ever to watch again.

In Silver Linings you can meet a guy who is somewhat strange, a kind of a wreck, who just got out of prison. On the outside he meets another wreck, a girl of course, and they start getting to know one another better and better. It is a romantic story, packed with strange happenings and of course some confusion.

As I write this lines the film in fact sounds very nice, but as I watched it in cinema I did not feel the same way. Have you seen Silver Linings? Did you like it?

You can now see Silver Linings on US Netflix, so if you have a Netflix subscription just go ahead and watch it right away. If you do not have a Netflix subscription yet, then you can visit to find out how you can get a Netflix subscription wherever you are in the world, and if you are located outside the US, how you can watch US Netflix in another Netflix nation.

Have fun watching Silver Linings, especially in these days when the Premier League has just started, the German Bundesliga is about to start, and in not long the Italian Serie A and the Spanish Liga BBVA is also starting, so it is easy to fill your days with football, but hopefully you will have time for a good film as well in between all the good upcoming matches.

By the way, the very popular Jennifer Lawrence from some of the X-Men films and the Hunger Games films plays the main role in Silver Linings together with Bradley Cooper! If you want to, you can also watch Silver Linings on

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