No more Lilyhammer on Netflix!

It seems like Lilyhammer is going towards an end. After three seasons of fun and action, Steven van Zandt posted the following tweet to his Twitter account a bit more than a week ago.

Lilyhammer on NetflixSo, why wan’t they produce any more Lilyhammer episodes? There can be many answers, but it is probably based on several things. First of all a lack of interest in the TV series, even though it still has lots of fans online. The second is the mess in the relationship between the Norwegian TV channel NRK who has been coproducing Lilyhammer together with Netflix. This problem origininated in the fact that NRK made the whole season 3 available on their websites even before it was made available on Norwegian Netflix, and thus very few Norwegians actually waited to watch the show on Netflix. This caused an argument between NRK and Netflix, and this might also influence the decision to end the producing.

It must however be said that NRK did not confirm Steven van Zandt’s tweet, meaning that they had not yet made a final deal in ending the producing, so they said there are still some more rounds to go and discussions to be held before a final answer can be given concerning the future of Lilyhammer.

Have you not seen Lilyhammer yet? You can visit the three first seasons of Lilyhammer on Netflix worldwide, and it is really funny and has some really great characters with whom you will fall in love quite quickly. Personally I would love for Lilyhammer to return to the screens and for more episodes to be made, so hopefully Netflix and NRK will come to an agreement sometime, and more Lilyhammer will come in the future.

Are you a Lilyhammer fan? Would you like more seasons to be made?

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