Aladdin and the King of Thieves on UK Netflix

Aladdin on NetflixAladdin is one of my favorite Disney films, but I must admit that the follow up films never turned into big successes for me. So, Aladdin fell into the same group as for example Lion King were follow ups were made, but never really continued the quality of the starter.

Again, there is one minor thing I should say, and that is that the third Lion King film in fact had some really good points and I laughed a lot as Timon and Pumba explained everything that happened in the first film, so to say they set the original Lion King film in perspective of what really happened. That was funny, but still, the quality of the film itself can never compare to the original. And that is true for Aladdin and the King of Thieves as well.

Despite the fact that I do not like the follow up Aladdin films, this can be a nice film to watched for older children who want to watch a nice film with some action which lasts for a bit more than an hour.

It can now be seen on UK Netflix. I can not tell for how long the film will remain available, so get going and start watching it right away if you want to make sure not to miss out on it!


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