How can I get an American IP address?

American IP address

To watch US Netflix from Europe you will need an American IP address. To watch US Netflix in Africa, Asia, Oceania or on in any nation of the world, you will need an American IP address. So, how can you get one?

Netflix uses something called a geographical block, something well known among people out there enjoying streaming services online. Maybe you have a subscription going at home, and then as you go on a holiday overseas you suddenly realize that your Netflix subscription does not work anymore, because Netflix is not supported in the country you are in. Or, maybe you launch Netflix only to realize that you can not see your favorite films and TV series, because at the moment you only access German Netflix (if you are in Germany) and not American. And if you start German Netflix or French, you will probably suffer from dubbing as well, so of course you will want to run back to mummy, better known as US Netflix. But, how to get an IP address which will make it possible?

IP address? American IP address? What is it about?
The reason you need an American IP address to watch Netflix overseas is that Netflix checks your IP address upon arrival to their website. If you are located in Germany, you will have a German IP address, which will result in you opening German Netflix. If you are located in Ireland, you will have an Irish IP address, which will make you open Irish Netflix. But, if you follow these instructions you can get an American IP address no matter where you are in the world, and thus you can enjoy American Netflix at once, even in Germany, Ireland, Spain, France and so on.

Get an American IP address

To get yourself an American IP address I recommend that you sign up for the services of PureVPN. This is a good working VPN provider with some of the best prices on the market and a product developed and improved day by day. They have servers in more than 100 nations worldwide, and they also offer a SmartDNS service which is useful as you watch Netflix and other streaming services online. To get this working and for you to get your American IP address as soon as possible, do the following.

American IP – Step one: Visit the PureVPN website and sign up for their services.

I recommend that you sign up for one year which gives you best value for your money, and in addition you will then also get a SmartDNS subscription for free (make sure to activate the SmartDNS option as you order). Visit the PureVPN website(great discounts available right now)

American IP – Step two: Download the PureVPN client

You should now download the PureVPN client to the platform you want to get an American IP address with. If you have an Android device you visit Google Play Store and download PureVPN. You can later just add your username and password inside the client and connect to a server in the USA, and you will get your local IP in the USA in a few seconds. If you have an iOS device then you visit the Apple Store and download the PureVPN client and do the same. In Windows you simply download the PureVPN client from their website and enter your credentials, and then you are ready to connect to a server in the USA and get your American IP address.

After connecting to a server in the USA you will see a message telling you that you are connected and you will get your new IP address. If you want to check that you really have a new IP address, you can check your current IP address here.

American IP – Step three: Enjoy Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, HBO Now etc.

Now that you have your American IP address you are ready to enjoy whatever you needed your local US IP address for. You can visit and watch Instant Videos, get yourself a Prime subscription, you can watch HBO Now, HBO Go, HULU, CBS, NBC, Fox and lots of other stuff, so this gives you a world of opportunities, even if you are located in Asia, Europe, Africa or on some other continent.

PureVPN has a three day full refund policy valid if you tell them within three days and use less than 500mb of bandwidth. Notice that 500mb bandwidth is very little, so if you watch a movie lasting 30 minutes on Netflix, you have for sure passed your 500mb bandwidth limit at once. However, I do believe that you will not need this refund policy, because it works great, and if you get problems PureVPN has a live chat option at their website which I have used myself several times, and I always get help fixing problems that might occur!

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