X-Men on US Netflix

Would you like to see X-Men? If you would like to see the X-Men films with Hugh Jackman, then you will not find those films on US Netflix, but if you want to see the cartoon version of X-Men, then you will find two different seasons of this on US Netflix at the moment.

X-Men on Netflix

On the pictures above you can see the clips from the X-Men cartoons currently available at US Netflix. So maybe you wonder if the grass is greener at the UK Netflix, so at the moment what will happen if you do a search for X-Men at the UK Netflix, you will find the following:

Space Racers on Netflix

Well, that is the truth. If you search for X-Men in UK Netflix you will only find the cartoon series for children named Space Rangers which has next to nothing to do with X-Men. So, if you want to see X-Men cartoons, go to US Netflix. If you want to see real X-Men films then there are three ways.

  • Go to HBO Now where there has been quite a lot of X-Men films available.
  • Visit NOW TV Movies and watch X-Men films there.
  • Visit Amazon.com and buy all the X-Men films as Instant Movies!

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