Now you can watch Bridge of Spies on Netflix

It is almost to great to be true, but the very popular film Bridge of Spies with Tom Hanks can already be seen on Netflix. Take a wild guess… in which Netflix region can you watch it? No surprise at all if you follow the Netflix tendencies when it comes to publishing new blockbusters!

Bridge of Spies on Netflix

You guessed it right, Bridge of Spies can be seen on Netflix in the Canadian region. If you are located outside Canada I recently published an article telling you how to get access to Netflix in Canada from abroad, so read that article if you want to watch Bridge of Spies on Netflix in addition to MI5 with Tom Cruise and lots of other new films.

I watched Bridge of Spies a few months ago, and even though it did not became an immediate favorite of mine, it still was a very interesting film with some great actors, and it is worth mentioning that Mark Rylance received an Oscar award for his role as the Russian spy Rudolf Abel, a role he plays in a magnificent way.

In Bridge of Spies we meet Tom Hanks who play a lawyer who is honest in what he does and he always aims at doing what he does in the best possible way. That makes life quite hard as he is set to defend the Russian spy Rudolf Abel, and later when he is sent to Germany to make a deal about releasing an American hostage in change for the Russian spy Rudolf Abel.

If you haven’t seen this film yet but have some hours free then I can warmly recommend the film. If you have seen it, please share your thought on the film and write a comment further down. If you want to watch another film with Tom Hanks, then you can get yourself ready for his newest Robert Langdon film named Inferno. The first trailers have been released and you can watch them right here.

If you want to watch Bridge of Spies on instead, then just press the link and you will find more information about how to watch Bridge of Spies as an Amazon Instant Video, also from outside the States, and you will find the link you need to get to the film on


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