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Bridge of Spies online on AmazonBridge of Spies has been one of the most popular films lately and it is even one that may win some Academy Awards. If you have not yet seen it, then you have the chance already to buy it on DVD, on Blu-Ray or to watch Bridge of Spies online on

The Bridge of Spies is a dramatic thriller and it is inspired by true events. In the main role we meet Tom Hanks who play the characters of James Donovon, a lawyer in Brooklyn who is sent into the Cold War to negotiate for the freedom of an American pilot that has been captured.

I have not really seen Bridge of Spies yet, but it is one of those films that I would like to watch and I will probably get to watch it in the very near future. Now that it can be found on Amazon Video it just got much easier, so this is a brilliant way to watch Bridge of Spies online.

Have you seen Bridge of Spies? Is it as good as people say? Currently Bridge of Spies has a 91% score on Rotten Tomatoes and on IMDB it has a 7,9/10 score.

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