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Insurgent on AmazonInsurgent is the sequel to Divergent, and is the second film out of four in the Divergent series. Insurgent had its premiere in cinemas in the spring of 2015 and now you can buy it as a DVD, on Blu-Ray or watch it instantly on

The story in Insurgent continues immediately after the end of the first film. Our two heroes are hiding and things seem to be okay, but then the leader of the city (Kate Winslet) discovers that she needs some divergents to open a hidden message from the founders of the city which she believes will put an end to the divergents forever. This leads to her chasing down Four and Tris with Tris as the main goal, as she seems to be the strongest of all divergents alive.

I recently watched Insurgent and I was curious to see how the story would go on. I have not read any of the books, but as I watched the first film Divergent I enjoyed the pace of the film. Now some people wrote that Insurgent was a great improvement of Divergent, while others felt as if Insurgent was a typical in the middle film. To me I always had the feeling that Insurgent was an in the middle film, it did not have the pace of the first film, so I honestly enjoyed the first film more, but still, Insurgent worked out quite fine to kill some hours and to have a good time in front of the TV.

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