How does the Amazon Prime free trial work?

Are you curious about Amazon Prime and would like to give it a try? How does the Amazon Prime free trial work? Do I need to pay and ask for a refund, or will I only be charged after thirty days? Is it worth using Amazon Prime?

Before signing up for a new service we often have lots of questions on our mind and that is why you are here. I will do my best to answer those and hopefully you will find the information and the answers that you are looking for.

Start your Amazon Prime free trial
How does the Amazon Prime free trial work? Is it a service worth using?

Some basics about the Amazon Prime free trial

I guess this is basic, but a free trial means that you can try something for free without paying. And that is what happens with the Amazon Prime free trial. But the fact that you have a thirty day free trial does not mean that you do not have to give away your payment or personal information. On the contrary you need to give away all necessary information at once, but you will only be charged the Amazon Prime annual fee after your thirty days of free trial. If you cancel your subscription within that trial period you will not be charged anything, but if you do not cancel your subscription you will be charged the annual fee after 30 days.

I am living in Europe myself, but I have an Amazon Prime account in the USA. That was quite easy to arrange and all I needed to watch the Prime videos was an American IP address. You will however not be able to enjoy the Prime shipping and some other benefits of your Amazon Prime subscription if you are located overseas, but when it comes to listening to music, getting a free Kindle book a month and of course watching Prime content you will easily be able to do so. You can read more about watching Amazon Prime from abroad here. You can use the same strategy as described in that article to get yourself an Amazon Prime account in the UK, in Germany and so on, just make sure to get yourself an IP address in that given nation.

What you should do during your Amazon Prime free trial?

When you are enjoying your Amazon Prime free trial you should absolutely spend some hours trying the service to see if this is something for you. Take a look at the films and the TV series available and check out if there are content that you are interested in there that makes it worth staying around after your 30 day free trial has passed. Then I recommend that you try listening to the Amazon Prime Music available with your subscription. I normally say that it is no Spotify, but it is getting better and better with more and more music available, so maybe your Prime subscription will become your new radio as you fall in love with the music available.

You get access to lots of music with an Amazon Prime subscription
You get access to lots of music with an Amazon Prime subscription

If you have an Amazon Prime package you should for sure not forget that included is an unlimited amount of storage space for photos in the Amazon Cloud. That is a nice one and this service in itself is worth the annual Amazon Prime fee, at least if this is a service you actually need.

Do you have an Amazon Kindle? Are you using it? Every month you will get access to a selection of free books as a Prime member and you can choose one of these books and download it for free. In addition you can borrow one book for free from the Amazon lending library.

These are just some of the benefits you can enjoy as you sign up for the Amazon Prime free trial and continue your subscription after thirty days. But again, start your free trial and see if this is something for you. If you do not like it after all then no money has been withdrawn from your account and you can cancel your subscription at any time!

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