No Reservations on US Netflix

I remember back in 2007 as I watched No Reservations in the cinema. As I went home I made some pancakes and started throwing them around while listening to Nessum Dorma. I felt inspiration after watching No Reservations, and since then I have seen the film a couple of times more.

No Reservations on Netflix

In this film you will meet the star chef Catherine Zeta-Jones who has a big temper, who has a lot of thoughts in her head, and who has to watch out for the girl of her sister and husband who dies in a car accident. This is bound to be a mess, and that is when another great chef played by Aaron Eckhart shows up. Things are not always that easy, and love is not always easy either, but if you want to spicy film with love, fun, humour and good food, then this is the film for you.

If you have already seen No Reservations and want to see another film in the same category, then A Hundred Feet Journey can be recommended. That is though not available on Netflix yet.

No Reservations can be seen on US Netflix, and read more around here on this page on how you can watch US Netflix from abroad.

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