The Rewrite on Netflix

From time to time Hugh Grant plays the main role in a film which is a typical laid back, romantic and not high budget film. In 2014 the name of that film was The Rewrite, and it is just a very typical Hugh Grant film, which makes people like me run to the cinema to watch it!

The Rewrite on Netflix

I was a big fan of for example Music and Lyrics, where he played together with Drew Barrymore, and that is why I was hoping that The Rewrite would be something quite similar. In the film Hugh Grant plays the role of a screenplay write who once won an Oscar Award, but since then things have not been going to good, and now he is fighting for the wheels to go around. That is why he signs up for a job at a college, and here he faces challenges as he falls in love with a student, do not get along in the very best way with all other teachers and this is just a super typical Hugh Grant film.

Personally I did enjoy Music and Lyrics a lot more, but if you just want a nice film for the evening with your spouse, then this will do great!

The film can now be seen on Spanish Netflix, so go ahead and watch it online if you want to. If you want to know more about how you can watch UK, Irish or Canadian Netflix without actually being in one of these nations, read the following article.

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