The Hundred-Foot Journey on Amazon Instant Video

The Hundred Foot Journey on Amazon INstant VideoIf you like food, and I guess you do, then you might like The Hundred-Foot Journey. This is a nice family film about food and love, and about using the best possible ingredients for the best possible result.

Get to know the Indian family who moves to Europe chasing their dream of success. After an accident they end up in France, and here they decide to open their very own Indian restaurant. There is just one slight problem, and that is that on the other side of the street a Michelin starred restaurant is located with the special and not always the nicest owner, played by Helen Mirren.

Now you can take a look at this film on Amazon Instant Video. It is not available to Prime customers yet, or it is available, but it is not part of the subscription package, meaning that you will have to pay extra if you want to see this, but it is a brilliant film, so it is worth the money. The film has also received some very nice critics, especially among people who love food related films. If you like this, then maybe you will like the film No Reservations with Catherine Zeta Jones and Aaron Eckhart in the main roles.

Press the link above to check out this film on Amazon Instant Video. If you have any problems or wonder how you can watch Amazon Videos online from outside the United States, read the following article.

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