Netflix error 108 on Apple TV

Do you get Netflix error message 108 on your Apple TV? Looking for a way to get it away? Here are my suggestions and what helped me out!

I did no big magic in order to get rid of the 108 error ID on my Apple TV. It showed up in two different ways on my Apple TV as I wanted to look inside the Netflix catalog or whenever I wanted to start a movie or a TV series. This is what I did which made the 108 error ID to disappear from my Apple TV. In other words, a few minutes later I was able to watch Netflix again on my Apple TV with no 108 error at all.


What I did to make Netflix error ID 108 disappear from my Apple TV

It is important (or might be important) that I used a SmartDNS provider and their DNS servers on my Apple TV. I had a feeling that this might have caused the problem and that is why I connected to another WiFi network on which a VPN connection was used. Things still did not work. That is when it came to my mind that it is important to restart your Apple TV after making changes to the network in use, especially when it deals with DNS servers. So, this is the order in which I would try to fix the problem:

  1. I would start simply restarting my Apple TV. If that would not help then I would do as follows, and try again after every step.
  2. I would log out from Netflix on the Apple TV and log back in again. Then restart the Apple TV and try again.
  3. I would connect to another WiFi network (without and special DNS servers setup), restart the router and try again.

If you try one of these I believe that you should be able to get the error ID 108 to disappear from your Apple TV. Enjoy watching Netflix on your Apple TV! If you want to know more about how you can watch CBS All Access on your Apple TV or maybe Hulu on your Apple TV, click the links.

2 thoughts on “Netflix error 108 on Apple TV”

  1. I tried all the above, and suggestions from other forums. I was getting network connection error, but other apps were accessing the internet. I wondered whether the issue was with my unblockus account, as the ‘network error’ apps both used it (Netflix and HBOGo). So I checked my unblockus status, saw it wasn’t active, fixed that issue and after a few more log in pages with the two problematic apps, I was back in.

  2. Just unplug your router for 2 mins, disconnect all your wireless devices and leave the Apple TV (only ) connected to the network and try logging in. It worked for me.

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