Which is the best Netflix region?

I have been using Netflix for years and I have been working with this site related to Netflix regions for a long time. Based on my personal experience this is the best Netflix region!

Yesterday I went to a restaurant to eat trout. I really enjoyed my meal and considered it to be the best fish meal I have had for a good while. Some of the other people around the table tasted the trout as well, and they said:

  • It’s not good at all…
  • It lacks salt…
  • It has to much fish taste to it…

What’s the point? I ate a fantastic fish, while the others around the table tested the same fish, and they did not like it at all. The same is true when it comes to the Netflix region question. My favorite Netflix region might not be the best of all regions, but it is the best Netflix region to me personally.

I will try to answer the question “Which is the best Netflix region?” seen from my own perspective, but also from the general and popular perspective!

Which is the best Netflix region? It all depends on what you are looking for!

The best Netflix region (according to popularity and size)

I have been speaking with lots of VPN providers, and they all say that the people want US Netflix. And if the people want access to US Netflix, then that is what they will get. It is no secret that people outside the US are really eager to get access to US Netflix. This is the biggest of all regions, and this is where you can watch the biggest amount of movies and TV shows. They are also fairly quick at getting new TV shows and movies. There is lots of content available on US Netflix that can not be found in other regions, be it local TV programs from the US or preachers living for their daily bread in the US.

Based on the size of US Netflix, this is the biggest and best Netflix region.

The best Netflix region (according to me)

It doesn’t help much to get an enormous plate with shrimps, if you only want to eat a pizza. So, what does it gain me to get access to lots of TV series and movies that I do not want to watch? What matters is what you want to watch! Most important to me when it comes to Netflix is access to the best and newest Hollywood films. And the Netflix region best for that purpose is Canadian Netflix.

I have written quite a lot of articles on great films on Canadian Netflix and more, and it is through my experience following what’s new on Netflix for years, that I like this.

But again, it doesn’t really matter what they have on Canadian or US Netflix… the question is rather – what are you looking for and what do you want to watch on Netflix? It is much more a question of demand, and based on that it is possible to give an answer!

What do you think? Which is your favorite Netflix region?

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