NCIS Season 14 on Netflix

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is back, and the fourteenth season of the popular series can now be seen on US Netflix. Want to get access to US Netflix?

There are three different NCIS series available. The series simply called NCIS is the original, while NCIS: New Orleans and NCIS: Los Angeles are spin-offs from this original series. I have watched the original NCIS series quite a lot, and the same is true for NCIS: Los Angeles. I have watched a bit of NCIS: New Orleans, but not that much. In basic it seems to me as if NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans are quite similar in style, while NCIS: Los Angeles is much more of an action movie, with tons of violence.

NCIS on Netflix

For some reason all the NCIS series are popular, which means that this autumn (2017) the 15th season of NCIS will premiere on CBS, then ninth season of NCIS: Los Angeles will premiere on CBS and the fourth season of NCIS: New Orleans will premiere on CBS. That is quite a winning streak, don’t you think?

Watch NCIS season 14 on Netflix

If you want to stream the fourteenth season of NCIS on Netflix, you will have to head over to US Netflix. To get access to US Netflix, simply use the VPN services of HideMyAss and connect to their server in Liberty Island (USA). Once connected, visit Netflix and stream NCIS right away.

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Should you have any problems or a question related to streaming NCIS on Netflix, use the comment field beneath. Do not forget to bookmark this page, as I regularly write articles on new Netflix content, and also give hands on information on how to get access to other Netflix regions.

What about NCIS: Los Angeles on Netflix?

You can stream some seasons of NCIS: Los Angeles on Netflix, but those seasons are only available in very “uncommon” regions; Taiwan, Thailand, India, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines.

What about NCIS: New Orleans on Netflix?

You will not find this CBS series in any Netflix regions at all. Better luck next time!


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