Want to stream Toni Erdmann on Netflix?

On July 26th in 2017 the movie Toni Erdmann will come to Netflix, but only to one region. Want to stream the movie? Find out how and where!

Toni Erdmann is a fantastic movie made in 2016. It was nominated and expected to win the price for Best Foreign Movie in 2017, but for some reason The Salesman won the price instead. It is produced in Austria and Germany and directed by Maren Ade. The most famous actors in the movie are Peter Simonischek and Sandra Hüller.

Toni Erdmann on Netflix

Even though Toni Erdmann didn’t win any Oscar statues, it was still awarded with five prices at the European Film Awards. There it won the award for Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenwriter, Best Actor and Best Actress. Those are five major awards, and it should also be noticed that the director of the movie was a woman! Guess the women are getting better and better and getting more and more space in the film business. It has just been proved true again looking at the success of Wonder Woman, another movie directed by a woman.

Watch Toni Erdmann on Netflix

The movie Toni Erdmann will be made available on Netflix in Canada on July 26th in 2017. At the moment it is not available in any region at all, but from July 26th it can be streamed on Canadian Netflix.

If you want to know more about how to get access to Canadian Netflix, click here.

The story of Toni Erdmann

In Toni Erdmann we meet a father played by Peter Simonischek. He is divorced, and he lives a hippy sort of life. But, he has little contact with his daughter Ines, who lives in Bucharest. For that reason he decides to visit Bucharest by surprise, to re-connect with his daughter. That isn’t necessarily easy, but one day he disguises himself as Toni Erdmann, a life consultant. For some reason Ines doesn’t recognize her dad, and thus they start speaking and share information. How will this end?

it is no coincidence that this movie was so popular in Europe, and the fact that is has a 92% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes also tell us a great deal about it.

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