Liza The Fox-Fairy on Netflix – Is it worth watching?

Have you heard of the movie name Liza The Fox-Fairy, or maybe you know it by the original title: “Liza, a Rokatünder”? Now you can stream this movie on Netflix, but only in its home country, that is, in Hungary.

Are you a fan of dark humor? Liza The Fox-Fairy is exactly such a movie. We meet a woman who is working as a maid for a Japanese lady. While working, Liza (the maid) sees the ghost of a famous Japanese singer who is dead, and they communicate in some sort of way.

Liza is also interested in Japanese literature, and for that reason, she reads about the so-called Fox-Fairies, and she considers herself to be such.

liza a rokatunder netflix

Why is everyone dying around Liza?

As I already mentioned, Liza the Fox-Fairy is a movie with dark humor, and the way the Japanese ghost-artist is behaving is enough in itself to laugh. But, when he starts to “kill” everyone who Liza enjoys the company of, it gets even worse. The strange thing is that you actually enjoy watching, at least if you get the humor.

But, is Liza incapable of true love? Is there a curse on her life? What is the solution?

Liza the Fox-Fairy is actually an amusing movie. It is very different from most traditional Hollywood movies, but once again, that is what actually makes it so enjoyable.

Where to watch Liza, a Rokatünder (Liza the Fox-Fairy)?

As I have already mentioned, you can only stream this movie on Netflix in Hungary. It might get to other countries in the future, but I don’t know anything about that.

Unfortunately, there are no VPN services working with Hungarian Netflix, meaning that there is no way to watch the movies and TV series on Hungarian Netflix if you live somewhere else. As a result, you better try to find the movie elsewhere, maybe on Google Store, Apple Store, or some other online movie dealer.

Have you seen the movie already? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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