Is it worth watching the new Netflix original Like Father?

I recently had some time to spare and visited Netflix to find something worth watching. I am not a big fan of Netflix originals, but Like Father seemed to be a good choice. Was it?

like father on netflix

I was a big fan of Cheers back in the old days, and I also watched a whole lot of Frasier episodes. Since then I haven’t seen nor heard of Kelsey Grammer until he showed up as the main character in the new Netflix original named Like Father. He has had a long break, but maybe Like Father has made some old stuff come alive in him because he has recently started speaking about continuing in his role as Frasier once again.

The other main character in the movie is played by Kristen Bell. We know her from a lot of different movies, including one of my favorites, Couples Retreat. She has also had the role of Veronica Mars, and recently she is a big hit in the NBC series The Good Place. If you haven’t seen “The Good Place” yet, you will be happy to hear that the second season will be added to US Netflix in August 2018.

What’s up in Like Father

If you watch the first 15 minutes of Like Father, you will most likely be able to foretell the incidents of the rest of the movie quite easily, especially knowing the title. This is not a movie for those who want the big surprises, but instead, it is a nice treat for those who want to watch a nice family friendly movie with a nice and harmless, and also some good morale and forgiveness in it.

Rachel (Kristen Bell) is dumped during her wedding ceremony as her husband-to-be cannot stand the way she has to work all the time. She feels terrible, and things get even worse when her father whom she hasn’t seen in ages shows up at the same wedding. This is the start of a journey that will take them on a honeymoon together (since Rachel cannot do the trip with the husband that just left her at the altar).

Like Father was released on Netflix worldwide on August 3rd (you do not need to change any Netflix region at all as the movie can be seen in absolutely all regions). It has since then received mixed critics online. It has a 49% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes at the moment, while it has a 6,1/10 score on IMDb. Not the best scores, but it could have been much worse.

I don’t regret watching the movie, but I must say that I would never spend more minutes watching the movie again. There are very few movies I would actually watch twice, so that statement doesn’t really say much about the movie. But, if you ever read an article in which I say that I could easily watch the movie once again, that is a quality statement!

Have you seen Like Father on Netflix yet? How did you enjoy it? 


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