What is most important? Netflix or success?

Are you a business guy or woman? Are you an entrepreneur who wants to create something big and enjoy great success? Did you know that Netflix might be a hindrance on the way?

There are so much to watch on Netflix. Are you always online on Netflix, looking for a new TV series to watch or maybe you have started watching your TV series over again for the second or the third time? Have you ever thought about how spending much time on Netflix might actually be hindering you from getting the success that you really long for?

Is Netflix hindering your success?
Is Netflix hindering your success?

When I first watch Lord of the Rings I remember that I could not get my mind of the movie. Between the first and the second movie I thought about it for days what would happen and what I had just seen. It had a strange impact on me. This impact made it hard for me to concentrate for days and I was caught up in the story. The same can happen with people who play computer games, and it can happen if you spend hours every day watching Netflix and other streaming services. And in the end this might in fact stand in way of success for you!

How can Netflix stop me from being successful?

Before answering the question I must also say that Netflix might actually bring you success. There are lots of great content on Netflix that will actually help you and encourage you. But, make sure that you use Netflix wisely, and do not be used by Netflix.

When you get caught up in TV series and movies then it will cause your mind to escape from the reality you live in. Maybe you read a book about good routines or maybe you have goals telling you what you are to accomplish every day. But, when you get caught up in watching How I Met Your Mother, then it is very hard to stick to your daily routines. All you long for is a new episode of Barney Stinson and his friends. And that was everything that was needed… you are now distracted and Netflix has hindered your success a little bit.

The story goes on and on, and it is so easy to get distracted day after day. And in the end you will find that Netflix stops you from being successful, if you do not watch out!

To stop this you better make some rules and regulations. Maybe you will say that Netflix can only be watched after finishing your daily goals and routines? Maybe you set a 1 hour Netflix limit a day? Or maybe you have to set a “Netflix only during the weekends” limit?

You can find out for yourself how you want to do this, but I just wanted to give you a slight warning!

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