Can I watch Netflix in Latvia?

Hello I am currently an expat living in Riga Latvia.. any chance Netflix possible here? Thank you.

Thank you for asking. Since January 2016 watching Netflix worldwide has turned much easier. That is  why you can simply visit while in Latvia, and you will get access to Netflix at once. You should of course be aware of the fact that you will not see the same movies and TV series available as you visit while in Latvia. They have different movies and TV series available, which might come positive to you, or it might be negative as you will miss some of the content that you watch on Netflix at home.

watch netflix in latvia

If you for example miss out on US Netflix content while in Latvia then you can follow the instructions in this article on how to get access to US Netflix in Latvia, and you will get access to US Netflix at once.

Personally my favorite Netflix region is Canadian Netflix, because that is where you can watch most blockbusters. To find out how you can access Canadian Netflix in Latvia, just press that link.

I hope this answer will help you out as you want to watch Netflix in Latvia. If you have further comments or questions, just use the comment field beneath!

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