How to watch US Netflix on iPhone and iPad?

US Netflix is the most popular region of all Netflix regions and it has the biggest register of films and TV series available. So, how can you watch US Netflix on iPhone and iPad when in England, in South Africa or maybe in Russia?

how to watch us netflix on ipad

I have just created this short guide to show you and to tell you how to watch US Netflix on iPhone and iPad, so just read on or take a look at the YouTube video beneath to get the information you need.

First of all for this to work you should visit the Unlocator website and sign up for their free seven day trial. This is a brilliant SmartDNS service which will give you access to their DNS servers which again will let you freely pick and choose between more than 30 Netflix regions. So you can thus during this trial (and later if you like it) switch between those Netflix regions and get access to US Netflix, UK Netflix, German Netflix, Swedish Netflix and lots of other Netflix regions easily.

Visit the Unlocator website(and try for free for seven days)

Watch US Netflix on iPhone and iPad

First you will need to visit the Unlocator website by clicking the button above. Sign up giving them only your email address and a password you choose for yourself. Once you have done so check your email to activate your account and you are ready to go.

On the Unlocator website you will find the address of two DNS servers that you will need to add to your WiFi settings on your iPhone or your iPad. This is how it is done!

Setting up American Netflix on iOS systems – Step by Step

First enter settings

US Netflix on iPad
Enter the settings on your iPad or iPhone

Then you choose WiFi.

US Netflix on iPhone
The you select WiFi from the settings menu.

Press the (I) button next to the WiFi connection in use.

American Netflix on iOS
Press the I button next to the WiFi connection that you want to use!

Enter the addresses of the two Unlocator DNS servers separating them with a comma in the DNS option.

American Netflix on iPhone
Type in the two DNS server addresses from Unlocator in the DNS field!

Once you have done this press the Wi-Fi option at the top of the screen (to go back). Your settings will be saved.

You can try to start the Netflix application at once to see if it works, but if the region has not been updated according to the region you have selected in the Unlocator control panel, restart your iOS device and it will be working perfectly after your restart.

A video telling you how to watch US Netflix on iOS systems

Now you are ready to watch US Netflix on your iPhone and on your iPad, so go ahead and have a good time watching. If you have problems along the way, just write a comment.

Notice that Unlocator has a seven day free trial. If you want to keep on using it after the first seven days then the price is 5USD a month or 50USD a year. This service will also make it possible for you to watch NBC from abroad, Hulu from abroad, HBO Now from abroad and lots of other streaming services, meaning that it is good for much more than only changing your Netflix region.

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