How can I watch American Netflix?

There are probably millions of people who want to watch American Netflix outside the US, but they do not know how it is done. That time is over. Watch American Netflix abroad right away!

The American Netflix catalog is by far the biggest of all Netflix catalogs and it contains more films and TV series than any other region. That is why it is so many people who would love to get access to American Netflix, but unfortunately they do not know how it is done. Until now! I am about to tell you how to watch US Netflix in Europe and on all the other continents of the world, so follow these descriptions and you will be ready to watch US Netflix on all devices in a few minutes from now.

Use DNS to watch American Netflix

Access American NetflixThe easiest and best way for you to get access to everything that Netflix in the USA has to offer is to sign up for the free seven day trial with Unlocator. All you need to give them is your email address and you do not need to give them any payment information as you sign up for the trial.

Once you have signed up you will be introduced to their services and you will find very detailed guides on their website explaining you how you can setup their services and start watching American Netflix on your Windows computer, on your iPad or iPhone, on your Android tablet or phone and they will even tell you how you can watch American Netflix on your Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Wii. Doesn’t that sound cool?

Since they have very thorough guides at their website I will not go ahead and write everything down detailed here, but in general what you need to do is to setup and use the Unlocator DNS servers instead of the default DNS servers provided by your ISP. This is in general very easy, but be warned that it can be a little troublesome on Android devices because Netflix has hard-coded the usage of the Google DNS servers into their application, which means that you need to change settings on your router and it is not enough to make change directly on your phone.

You will however find more information about all of this on the Unlocator website, so go ahead and sign up for your free seven day trial and start enjoying Netflix in the US abroad. And just for your information, with Unlocator you can also get access to more than 30 other Netflix regions! Smooth!

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